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Building Services Engineering forms a key role in providing sustainable design solutions and energy efficient buildings. Close integration with the Architect is essential when creating a low energy building.

The use and integration of cutting edge technology and an innovative & holistic approach to design is necessary to satisfy a Client’s desire for a low energy and sustainable development.

Current legislation with the latest Building Regulations ensures that all buildings conform to minimum levels of energy performance. These minimum standards should, where possible be exceeded to deliver low carbon buildings.

Clients have benefited from our energy saving recommendations

Renewable energy technologies are important features in our design approach and play a key role in ensuring compliance and meeting the aspirations of our clients. Project specific feasibility studies are necessary to determine whether renewable technologies are appropriate.

Sustainability and energy efficient building & system design is essential when preparing a development for consideration for Breeam. Clients are becoming more aware of the need to provide sustainable buildings and a successful Breeam study is a way of demonstrating this.

Beech Jackson Partnership Limited is registered as Low Carbon Consultants under the CIBSE qualification scheme. Our expertise and knowledge enables us to undertake thermal modelling to create develop sustainable designs.

Our involvement in conducting energy audits on existing buildings and systems provides valuable experience for identifying energy saving measures and means of providing low carbon solutions. Clients have benefited from our energy saving recommendations not only in reducing the fuel expenditure but also in reducing their carbon footprint.

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Beech Jackson Partnership Limited is committed to providing a high level of professional service carried out in compliance with all statutory regulations and standards. Our extensive experience includes leisure, health, education, residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

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